Our professional and knowledgeable financial advisors can help you design and implement a comprehensive and personalized wealth management plans entirely in-house, thereby improving confidentiality and reducing inefficiencies introduced by outsourcing professional services. HEXAGON offers the following services:

Lifetime Events Planning

  • Education Fees Planning;
  • Retirement Needs Planning;
  • Taxation, Estate and Inheritance Planning.

Wealth Accumulation & Capital Growth Strategies

  • Capital Guaranteed Investment Funds;
  • Hedge Funds and other Alternative Investments;
  • Managed Investment Portfolios;
  • Private Equity Funds.

Strategies for Tax-Free Income

  • Offshore Bank Accounts;
  • High-Yield Deposit Funds;
  • Offshore Insurance Portfolio Bonds.

Strategies for Wealth Protection

  • Offshore Companies and Trusts;
  • Personal and Business Risk Insurance.